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“After nine months of chronic illness, our once healthy athletic teenage daughter was falling asleep in school despite the fact that she was sleeping ten or more hours a night and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. We looked for answers in traditional medicine. Each blood test indicated that she was perfectly healthy, but something was clearly wrong. We were desperate for help and looked for (and found) a different approach in Dr. Mosley. After our first visit, we left the office and my daughter felt heard, respected, understood, and hopeful. Dr. Mosley quickly identified the problem and started treatment. She then went on to “unpeel” the complexities of our daughters health and gave her real tools and suggestions to heal he body, mind, and spirit! Our daughter went from struggling to get through a day, to having the energy to compete and win at the state level in Track & Field. We are so very thankful for Dr. Mosley and her care! “— VC, Tucson AZ

“Positive energy flows from this woman. I feel better just talking to her. And be assured she knows what she’s talking about. She helped steer me through healing choices that had overwhelmed and confused me.”— PS, Tucson, AZ

“I can’t thank Dr. Mosley enough for all her help these past couple of months. I originally found her online and after reading some information on her page I immediately made an appointment to see her. She asked me what all my symptoms were and many other questions and told me her plan to help me feel better and be on my way to recovering my health back. It’s been two months and I feel so much better. I’ve lost weight, I have energy, most of my symptoms are gone. I’m so greatful to have come across her online. I recommend her a million times to anyone that would prefer a natural way to healing.” —JA, Tucson, AZ

“Dr. Mosley is the Doctor I’ve wished I had my entire life, (I’m 51) and the doctor I wish all my loved ones could have as well. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional, but with the compassion and sensitivity so sorely lacking in most allopathic physicians I’ve been to. She focuses on the entire system – body, mind, and spirit… and always attempts to get to the true root cause of the issues to help me do what is necessary to allow my body to heal. Years ago I read a wonderful book by Dr. Bernie Siegel (Love, Medicine, and Miracles). Dr. Mosley is THAT kind of doctor! The kind of doctor who chose her profession for the right reasons. She genuinely has a good heart and wants to help people. Trust me, you won’t regret choosing Dr. Mosley as your partner on your healing journey.”— AJ, Arizona.

“Dr. Mosley is terrific! She solved my gut problems after 5 months of misery! She is an excellent doctor and a friendly soul.” —DG, Tucson AZ

“Dr Mosley gave me a new lease on life. I’m usually an upbeat, positive, joyful person but after the shut down of the government with COVID-19, the weariness started to settle. Not only was I weary, I was anxious, I was unmotivated to live well, and I started to recluse. Dr Mosley knew all the right questions to ask to uncover all the symptoms I was feeling but didn’t connect the dots. After implementing her recommendations, I feel energized, creative, motivated, and my head has cleared. I’m a better wife and mom because of her. Thank you so much, Dr Mosley. You’re the best doctor I’ve ever seen. Also- I have already lost 20 lbs!” —KJ, Sahuarita AZ

“Dr. Mosley is outstanding, extraordinary, brilliant, well connected, flexible and warm.” —MJ, Tucson, AZ

“Thank you. It amazes me each time God places another angel in my life. Thank you for everything.” — DS, Tucson AZ

“She is excellent! Instead of giving you a 5 question questionnaire to figure out a treatment, which is what my PCP did, she was very thorough and spend time going through every symptom; emotional, physical, and spiritual to try and pinpoint exactly what remedy would be most effective. And if one doesn’t work, she will assure you that she will find the right treatment. The most recent homeopath regimen that I got worked perfectly and I was able to avoid the medication that was prescribed to me by my PCP.” — JK, Tucson AZ

“Dr. Mosley truly cares about her patients. I highly recommend seeing her!”- KN, Phoenix, AZ.

“Dr. Mosley, words cannot say how grateful our family is to have you. The care you give is from the heart. May God bless you.” — W,  Sierra Vista AZ.

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